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Respect My Region’s Launches the First North American Weed Tour Searching For The Best Weed In The U.S. And Canada

Respect My Region (RMR), a privately owned and operated music, cannabis, and technology company with operations across North America is pleased to debut the first-ever North American Weed Tour (NAWT).RMR will host 80+ podcast episodes and Instagram Live Streams with the goal of showcasing products, retailers, farms, labs, kitchens, ancillary services, and technology that has proven to be successful and/or valuable to the industry as a whole.   Starting August 1st to December 15th 2021, the North American Weed Tour will give their audience a behind-the-scenes view into the legal cannabis industries across the United States and Canada.   “Following the enthusiastic support of the West Coast Weed Tour over the last three years, we want consumers to discover products...

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